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Sell Magnetic

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

“An idealist is one who helps the other fellow to make a profit.” ~ Henry Ford

When you peel back the layers, all B2B solutions help vendors sell their products and services more efficiently, effectively and often (whether it’s a business process solution, inventory management system or finance package) anything that helps a business operate more competently and productively often helps it sell more prosperously.

And businesses will pay handsomely for solutions that help them generate more revenue.

If you want to sell B2B products and services, the type that will gain more than just the fleeting “first call” interest of your prospects, then you must uncover, understand and address the problems or challenges your customers face that hold them back from being as productive as they need to be, this is how 5% of all salespeople (the best) go about the business of selling.

When done in this way, the approach resonates, and it roots out/brings to the fore issues that the customer cannot afford to live with…

Leading to the purchase of solutions they cannot afford to live without!  

This type of approach to sales is also known as “Gap Selling,” a method that, as originally conceived (and as studied today when learning how to sell “consultatively”), attempts to exploit the “gap” that exists between a customer’s current situation and where that prospect would ideally like to be. 

However, a very small fraction of these top performers, the best of the best, understand and make use of a far more evolved and dynamic version of this approach – it is a very different form of the technique known to most, one that is powerfully unique from what has been taught up till now, a process not even the majority of this highly effective and prosperous 5% are aware of or are ever trained in. 

These elite sales people do something only the world’s best consultancies do when closing multi-million dollar deals…

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