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The New AIDA

Monday, February 7th, 2011


Seize the prospect’s attention by opening with an attention grabber, something powerfully relevant or meaningful to their business or person:

A piece of news that will wake them up
An event that will inspire them to sit up and take notice
An announcement that will cause their ears to prick up
A fact that will drive or arouse their curiosity


People are more interested in what they have to say than what you have to say; they are more concerned with their needs than yours. If you can help them meet their unique needs or solve their problems, then they want to hear about it.

As a general rule, clients are attracted to products or services which will make their lives easier or their efforts / business more effective and productive.They are intrigued by anything that might give them an edge or help them earn more money / generate additional revenue.

Ask questions that elicit these needs, that uncover such interests or reveal what your clients are focused on achieving or solving.


Figure out exactly how your solution will help your clients:

Meet their needs
Solve their problems
Resolve their issues
Strengthen their position
Assist them in being more effective
Help them compete with other organizations within their industry


Express the scarce nature of what you have to offer and the urgent need to acquire it and motivate your prospects to move forward, to take action! In lieu of being able to motivate the prospect to take action on the first call, attempt to secure some form of obligation or commitment to green light a follow up conversation.

Lawrence Rosenberg