Competitive Persuasion

Competitive Persuasion – Why Dealmakers, Closers & Negotiators Rule the World, the latest book by Lawrence Rosenberg, presents the unique philosophy, powerful psychology and distinctive set of principles characterized by the world’s most prolific salespeople.

The book is presented in two parts, The Mindset and The Methodology. Part one, The Mindset, ensures you become psychologically unstoppable by helping you develop a compete to win mentality. Part one presents a contender’s approach to sales success by detailing how “one call can change your life,” why you do not need “talent” to become a superstar, how to “dream big,” why trepidation is your greatest advantage and how simply acting like a champion can transform you from pauper to king.

The second half of the book, The Methodology, presents you with the action plan, a step-by-step guide for becoming your firm’s top dealmaker and a perpetual selling machine. Here you will find the Ten Laws of Competitive Persuasion, where you will learn why you must “Be Bold,” how to “Be Urgent,” how to “Believe,” how to “Stack the Deck,” and what it means to “Always Negotiate from a Position of Strength.”

Discover the state of mind, strategies and steps that give birth to belief, inspire desire and move decision makers to action. Get Competitive Persuasion now!