Chase the Championship

As children we are told, “It isn’t whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game”. As adults, we are bombarded by New Age gurus and politically correct philosophers who hold forth on the “grand notion” that it is not the destination that is important but the journey that gives our lives meaning. Nice sentiment, but if you sell for a living, then welcome to the real world where the all-important “journey” is bought and paid for only by the spoils reaped in victory. Where unless you play the game to win, you starve.

Written by cold calling sales champion Lawrence Rosenberg and presented in a brash, pull-no-punches style, Chase the Championship reveals the mindset and methodology vital to waging and winning an all out competition against your firm’s best sales executives. The book delivers a one-of-a-kind approach to sales and sales training designed to help anyone sell, close and win!

Praise for Chase the Championship…

“Chase the Championship” is a dissertation in cold selling. No pretense, no myth, no frills, no deception.

Written by veteran cold caller Lawrence Rosenberg, his book takes us beneath the layers of his analysis of the killer sales mentality, revealing critical traits that make for a winner, while simultaneously exposing and reflecting upon the weaknesses of the majority.

“Chase the Championship” offers a balance of tactical, practical strategies in an easy to read step-by-step format mixed with insights to a gamesman’s psychology. This mixture of a hunter’s mentality blended with a philosopher’s contemplation provides a refresher course for any one in the business of out-thinking their prospects.

Psychology is threaded throughout in such terms as can be comprehended by those who don’t read Freud. Rosenberg grapples with the primal psychological and philosophical issues that make the difference between a champion and an average player. Without getting too cerebral he manages to convey to the reader how to tackle the mental obstacles, self-confidence and doubts that stand in the way of being a great performer.

The book is laced with an interesting mixture of sports and battle metaphors, quotes from Zen masters, Greek philosophers, war-mongers, Victorian scientists, historical anecdotes of great battles and failed political systems. Quotes are fun, relevant and make the point, connecting the dots and retaining our interest as we follow the course. There’s sufficient eloquence here to appeal to the more intellectual and well read while keeping the language and prose straight forward enough to connect with the infrequent reader or those resistant to `motivational’ content.

Not every reader will connect with the book’s boxer champ-cum-Caesar superhero/superego, take-no-prisoners Sales Messiah, but role models are an essential part of human growth and existence, so while only the few will ever be top dog, the simple drive to attain premier status is the underlying point – don’t settle for survival (mediocrity) – strive for success – be your own Champ!

–  Ross Jobson