About Lawrence Rosenberg

Lawrence Rosenberg is the author of three books on sales, competition and strategy including Chase the Championship, a survival-of-the-fittest manifesto for the competitive closer and The Ultimate Art of War, a striking new version of Sun Tzu’s timeless masterpiece. His latest book, Competitive Persuasion – Why Dealmakers, Closers & Negotiators Rule the World, is a step-by-step battle plan for selling your way to the top of any enterprise.

Currently, Lawrence is Sales Director for one of the world’s foremost media and events organizations. His experience as as a director of sales for market leading businesses in this sector include firms who specialize in offerings for the defense, oil & gas, infrastructure, pharmaceutical, food, international affairs, travel, sports and luxury lifestyle sectors.

His background as a leader and number one ranked dealmaker in the fields of executive search, events, advertising and media give Lawrence a critical view on how persuasion, influence and power play out in everything from the competition for top jobs to the race to become an organization’s star producer

Lawrence Rosenberg’s written work and coaching are focused on developing a winning psychology, obtaining influence and power, and achieving peak performance. His strategies and sales training advice have super-charged careers and changed lives:

“I can proudly say that I had the profound opportunity to have Mr. Rosenberg as a Sales Manager at the start of my present career. At that time, I was managing a host of personal and family problems that I was convinced would doom me to failure no matter what job I filled. Well let me tell you here and now, Lawrence’s no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners style of selling did not only make me a ton of money, it probably saved my life.”

“Lawrence’s take-charge management style and coaching techniques enabled me to think and work around my personal issues; to “leave them at the door” as he used to tell me. I could not be more thankful to him for the help he gave me. You might say he “got me out of my head and on the phone”. Using Lawrence’s methods, I made $11,000 in commissions my first month (and was able to solve alot of those problems I mentioned earlier). If you know – at the very core of your being – that you can do better, but just haven’t been able to tap into that primal force, read his book.”

“I had the good fortune to work with Lawrence one-on-one and he changed my life. Read “Chase the Championship” and I promise you, if you follow his tenets you will learn things about yourself you never realized. You will access parts of your psyche you never knew existed. Most importantly, you will achieve levels of success that you may never have thought possible. Thanks, Lawrence, for saving my life!”
- John Madden

“I do not normally read these type of books but this is the exception. Every phrase, every statement, every single word is a crystallisation of the author’s success and experience over 20 years in sales. I have read sales books by so called “gurus” but they were tame and lame by comparison. They make money from talking, this guy’s made money from “walking”. Lawrence Rosenberg is the real deal and I have adopted his techniques and have reaped the rewards professionally, believe me. If you read just one book on successful sales techniques – then make it this one, you won’t be sorry.”
– Kleo Papas

“Thank you for your effort and the endless energy that you put into your book! Your book is the most influential work that I have ever read. What sets you apart from anyone else is your straight forward manner. You are like a Machiavelli-Nietzsche for the sales world. What I like most is the feeling that you are actually training me as if I was working for your firm and that my success would actually bring you profit from my sales. It feels like you are interested in me and that you are investing in my success!”
- Greg Yapparov

“As a salesman of twenty years experience I can testify that “Chase the Championship,” doesn’t just go through the motions, but exposes the hidden and brutal information that lies between a presentation and getting the sale. Mr. Rosenberg goes way, way, way beyond fixating on your product’s benefits (the stuff that make up 99.9% all the other sales books) but DEMANDS you never, ever let your prospect off the hook, making sure that you either get a yes OR a no because you can’t eat on eternal maybe’s. For those who really want the best things in life, and refuse to have a sales career littered with regret – buy this book.”
– Andy Moss